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Success Stories

Our Walking Billboard

Jimmie Martin came to Johnson Mathers Nursing Home in February 2014 from the University of Kentucky Hospital. Upon his arrival he was isolated to his room and required extensive assistance for all activities of daily living, including bathing and dressing. He was unable to walk and mobile by wheelchair only. He had pressure wounds from his previous hospital stay as well as surgical wounds. With his determination and the skill of our Nursing and Rehab staff, Mr. Martin was able to go home in April, fifty-five (55) days after his admission to our facility. He was able to leave the facility using a cane, totally independent in all activities of daily living with all wounds healed. Mr. Martin stated that he is our ‘Walking Billboard’. While Mr. Martin was a resident of the Nursing Home, he often visited other residents to motivate them to work hard, participate in therapy and follow the advice of all the staff in their quest for rehabilitation to return home.

 Look at me now!

Shirley Tincher had been a very active farmer in the community of Nicholas County; she came to the Nursing Home in November 2012 following hospitalization for a brain infection. Unfortunately the infection had left her with bilateral lower extremity paralysis and unresponsiveness for a number of months.

Ms. Tincher was able to work with the Physical and Occupational therapists at the Nursing Home to eventually return home in March 2014. Although she may not have returned to farming at her previous level, she is able to enjoy the tractor shows, gardening and directing everyone around her. As she began to walk with extensive assistance of the therapy staff, her hope and determination increased as did her ability to become more independent in her activities of daily living as well as being able to walk independently with a walker. Many times she would say “I was told I would never walk again. Look at me now!”